Your Submissive Playmate

We all want something…

The longing glance from across the room. A finger’s touch upon a thigh. A gentle caress. A firm grasp. To be taken by the hand and led to a lavish hotel room or a secret apartment. I know what I want, and so do you.

As we trade flirtations, there’s an inflection to my accent. It’s the voice of a wayfarer from beyond these shores, born and educated in Australia. It’s the voice of an ever enquiring mind. A girl who was brought up on the coast, who gazed at sea creatures in rock pools with curious eyes. A curiosity that would lead to university education and a fascination with the human mind. She now calls London home, but regularly ventures across the globe in pursuit of lustful adventure.

So here I am. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

The nature of our encounter depends on your desire. I can be the powerful Domme finally putting you in your place, or the innocent submissive craving punishment.  If your desire switches from the former to the latter, so does our time together. Kink has always stoked my desire, but I’m also drawn to the allure of a GFE in a restaurant or at the theatre.

My health and wellbeing are paramount, I live a life of morning yoga and green smoothies. It’s a life of many passions –  wandering museums and galleries on a quiet afternoon; capturing fleeting moments in still frames as I explore photography; and, of course, indulging in my devotion to carnal pleasure, with both singles and couples.  

Share with me your deepest desires. We can start with that longing glance from across the room. And where it goes from there, we’ll have to see…

Your acquiescent submissive
Your Dominant seductress
Your elegant companion


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