Do you have a fantasy? Share it with me. Let me be your outlet for lustful daydreams; I’m here to satisfy your wants and needs.

People from all walks of life are encouraged to contact me, I do not discriminate as long as you are over 18.

Please do read my pages on submission and sensual Domination before you contact me, to ensure I can offer you what you are looking for. If we have not met before, I would recommend booking 2 hours for our first session. That way we have plenty of time to get comfortable together.

To speed up the process please provide references in your enquiry, and up to 3 dates and times that would suit you to meet. I always respond to enquiries with references first. Lastly, I get a lot of enquiries. I only have time to respond to thought-out emails with details on what you are wanting to explore together.

N.B. I am unavailable on Sundays, including via email. I will respond to you on Monday.