You will arrive finely dressed, head held high. You will depart dishevelled, weak at the knees, with your appetite satisfied.

You’re nervous. You accidentally lay your eyes on mine. I don’t look away. I’m aware of the power my gaze holds, I use it. You can see my elegant figure, smell my alluring scent and hear my words whispered into your ear. Watch as I drift around you, your gaze fixed to my swaying hips. You’re locked in. My presence roots you to the ground. The teasing, the discomfort, the pleasure. I lift your head up, you feel something you haven’t felt for a while …

I love to play with power dynamics. I like sensual domestic settings, although a dungeon is always appealing. I enjoy delighting the senses with tie and tease and sensation play. As gentle as I may seem I have a sadistic streak, satisfied with a few strokes of the cane. I love the feeling of a man being taken by me, worshipping me while I use him and drain him of all his energy. Then afterwards, holding him in my arms as I bring him back to existence.

Tell me, what leaves you clawing at the sheets?