How do I organise a date with you?
Please send me an email with details how you would like us to spend our time together. Detailed conversations beforehand are to ensure we would be a good match. I may ask you to provide some information for my screening process when organising a session and for a non refundable deposit if you are a new client. If it is your first time visiting a companion I can recommend reading this piece on etiquette. Also if this is your first time visiting a pro sub, I can recommend this short read on negotiation.

I don’t have experience being a dominant..
That’s fine! If you would like to experiment, I am more than happy to give you a little guidance while still keeping the D/s dynamic flowing throughout the date. Please share your fantasies with me, I am open minded and non-judgemental.

Where is your in call location and can I shower when I arrive?
I am currently doing in calls in central London in a private discreet apartment, I expect complete discretion from clients when exiting and entering the building. On arrival and after payment please use the restroom facilitates to wash your hands and shower if you haven’t recently. Mouthwash is also provided so please use this.

Do you use protection?
Yes I do, including when giving oral. This means I do not offer Oral Without (OWO) this also includes no ball licking. I have a range of different size latex condoms – if you need something specific e.g. latex free please tell me in advance as we will only use protection that I supply.

Do you use safe words?
Yes! I use the Traffic light system:
RED (stop everything)
YELLOW (pause for a break or change something)
If you do not stop when I have used my safe word I will end the session immediately without a refund. You will also be blacklisted and reported. I offer safe, sane and consensual services with complete regard for safe practices and negotiated limits. I also do not tolerate drugs in my presence, nor excessive alcohol consumption.

Are you discreet/confidential?
Yes I am. My reputation is very important to me therefore I have no interest in sharing your details or the details of our time together with anyone else. Check out my social media presence (Twitter & Instagram) to confirm I am legitimate and trustworthy. I am more than happy to delete proof of our communications after we meet if you would like me to.

How do you take payment?
Payment is made as soon as we meet. If meeting in a public place I ask that you hand payment discreetly in an envelope, book, newspaper or gift bag. If payment is not received within the first 5 minutes I will have to end our date. When travelling long distances outside of London I will ask for a deposit to cover my travel costs.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. If you cancel within 24 hours of our date there will be a cancellation fee of half the amount of the original booking rate.

Can I bring a gift along?
Why yes, of course! Gifts are not expected but always greatly appreciated. If you feel like spoiling me I have a wishlist with some particular things I like or have had my eye on… otherwise I always love a surprise!

If you have any further questions please ask during your initial contact.