How do I organise a date with you?
Please contact me via my contact form with details about how you would like us to spend our time together. Detailed conversations beforehand ensure we are a good match! If it is your first time visiting a companion, I can recommend reading this piece on etiquette and this fun gentlemen’s guide.

When are you available?
I take preference for dates 2 hours or longer, as I have other work commitments and am usually booked up in advance. I can sometimes accommodate a last-minute date so get in touch just in case!

Are you discreet/confidential?
Yes, my reputation is very important to me, therefore I have no interest in sharing your details or the details of our time together with anyone else. I use Protonmail, which is an encrypted email service, I recommend you do the same. I am also more than happy to delete our communications after we meet if you would like me to.

What is your screening process?
The information I need for screening depends on where you want to meet and what you would like our date to entail. At a bare minimum, I ask for references and a non-refundable deposit to secure my time. My screening and deposit process is non-negotiable and is in place so I can both fully commit to our date and am comfortable during our time together.

I don’t have BDSM experience..
That’s fine! If you would like to experiment, I am more than happy to give you a little guidance while still keeping the D/s dynamic flowing throughout the session. Please share your fantasies with me, I am open-minded and non-judgemental. BDSM for Beginners is something I can highly recommend having a read of if you are new to this world.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. If you cancel within 48 hours of our session there will be a cancellation fee of half of the original booking rate, minus any deposits paid.

Can I bring a gift along?
Why yes, of course! Gifts are not expected, but always greatly appreciated. If you feel like spoiling me, I have a wishlist with some specific things I have my eye on otherwise, I love products from Lush, Aesop and Jo Malone. An old fashioned tip is also very much appreciated.

If you have any further questions please ask during your initial contact.