Your Fetish Playmate

Introduce yourself by filling out my contact form, including your screening details, a few dates that suit you and how you would like us to spend our time together.

My assistant or I will get in contact with you to settle the logistics and arrange the deposit. We will then get to know each other a little more over email or a prearranged phone call before our date. 

My diary is very limited due to my creative pursuits so I usually need a few weeks notice. I can sometimes accommodate a last minute date, so get in touch! For longer travel dates at least 6-8 weeks notice is required. 

My preference is meeting you at your 4/5 star hotel. I can also meet at your place of residence although extra screening may be required. Alternatively depending on the length of the date I can arrange a Central London hotel for us for a fee.

If I have any last minute availability I will usually send out a newsletter or post something on Twitter.

I enjoy spending time with people from all walks of life. I do not screen based on race, so there is no need to mention this when you get in contact.

I am Bisexual, meaning that I am attracted to people of any gender, as well as non-binary people. When getting in touch, please let me know your pronouns, mine are she/her.

We all start somewhere. There are many aspects of play I enjoy, kissing being number 1! I enjoy GFE dates just as much as a date to a dungeon.

If you are new to kink I love bringing people into my world so they can explore their kinks. BDSM for Beginners is something to get you started!

I am open-minded and non-judgemental, I love connection an intimacy so get in touch.

My dates are well planned and unique to each person I meet. Your contribution is dependant on what we get up to together, how long we meet for and where I need to travel to. When you get in touch with specifics I will be able to provide an exact figure but if you have a budget in mind please let me know in advance.

I have a few tattoos, including a large one. They have been hidden in my photos for privacy but I assure you they are tasteful and placed discreetly for public dates. Piercings, I only have my ears pierced.

Yes, my reputation is very important to me. I use Protonmail, which is an encrypted email service, I recommend you do the same. I am also more than happy to delete our communications after we meet if you would like me to. Check out my Twitter and friends if you have any doubts of me being real.

The information I need for screening depends on where you want to meet and what you would like our date to entail. At a bare minimum, I ask for references and a non-refundable deposit to secure my time. My screening and deposit process is non-negotiable and is in place so I can both fully commit to our date and am comfortable during our time together.

Any deposits paid are not refundable or transferable in the case that you cancel. If you cancel a date with less than:

  • 3 days notice I require 50% of the outstanding fee minus any deposits paid.
  • 24 hours notice or less I require the full fee minus any deposits paid.

This is to ensure my time spent arranging dates, any related costs as well as loses are compensated. If my cancellation policy is not honoured, I will not be unable to see you again.

Gifts are not expected but always greatly appreciated! I have gathered a few things here in case you would like to bring something along to our date or would like to send me an online voucher. I also love to receive flowers otherwise a small plant if you would like to leave a longer lasting memory.

Any further questions?