Girlfriend Experience

Girlfriend experience

“You can be covered and be very sexy. It’s not what you show; it’s what you have in mind, the way you cross your legs, the way you talk to people” 

Carine Roitfeld

I am the dream girlfriend you have given up on, the dream you’ve never thought would come true. Yet, here I am. Standing right in front of you, looking back at you with such grace and power in my eyes that leave you a clueless boy all over again…

I am gentle and rough; I like romance just as much as kink. I like to ignite a desire in someone’s heart and body by stimulating their mind. I have always adored meeting new people, because of this I’ve become masterful at relationship and connection. I enjoy a deep glass of Malbec and even deeper conversation. I love adventure and I want to hear about yours. There are many things I crave and I want to share them with you, during dinner, over a drink or on Egyptian cotton.