Girlfriend Experience

Girlfriend Experience

I am ‘The One that Got Away’. The fiercely independent – yet simultaneously adorable – girlfriend you have always craved, but never been able to pin down. The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) you have been desperately searching for. Until now. Innately inquisitive, with a deep lust for new experiences, I fulfil my own insatiable desires for true romance and kink through my liaisons in this world. My ability to switch between putting you at ease and keeping you on your toes will render you speechless, quivering for more.

Deep red hair set against soft, warm skin, my frame is slender with subtle, yoga-honed curves that are as at home in a becoming gown at a Michelin star restaurant as they are nude in a shared bubble bath, with a large glass of Malbec for each of us. My face is youthful, and perhaps exudes an innocence too, but my eyes tell another story. Upon locking eyes with me, you are met with a display of my unwavering confidence – and the power behind it all. The power of raw passion and drive. When spending time together, I am a master at igniting desire in your heart and body through stimulating your mind. Establishing and building upon a true connection, to enable your deepest yearnings to materialise, is what I enjoy doing best.

A natural ambivert, I am the ideal GFE – someone you can place in an array of situations and will thrive. Often drawn towards the buzz of the city, I relish the chance to combine my love for adventure with my adoration for people.

Dates with me are not reserved solely for the night-time – although playing footsie over a gin and tonic with fresh lime is always deliciously fun – Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Let’s dive into some Afternoon Delight post-avocado toast, and you can go back to the office feeling renewed and ready for the day ahead. Waking up together after a heady overnight with a deviant GFE is another option, too. Who needs caffeine when you can have a roll about in some Egyptian cotton? And if your work takes you on travels and you find yourself craving for me, know that I am not just your London-based girlfriend, I am available for travel worldwide too (for established friends only). 

Intimate indoor affairs are cherished as much as the excursions, let’s cherish each other with a cuddle on the sofa, discussing and experimenting with your unfulfilled fantasies. I’m a very tangible person and love to have my feet rubbed, or back stroked, and love to give massages too – if you’re a good boy. 

"You can be covered and be very sexy. It's not what you show; it's what you have in mind, the way you cross your legs, the way you talk to people" Carine Roitfeld

Outside of my dalliances, I satisfy my love for culture. If you spy a flash of red walking through the British Museum, eyeing the statues and reading about the historical artifacts, you very well may have spied Scarlett May in the wild! Visiting exhibitions and historical sites are a great way for me to wind down, other firm favourites are The Photographer’s Gallery and either Tates, and I have a special soft spot for the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. I don’t just like to look at art, I like to get my hands on it too. Analogue photography is an emerging hobby of mine too.

Gin and tonic, or gin-based cocktails are my drink of choice. Ahead of lunchtime, spoil me with brunch and an oat milk latte.

Whether this is at a restaurant locally to us here in London, dining on exquisite vegan food (Italian and Mexican are two of my favourite cuisines).

Some of my most coveted international cities: Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

I have a soft spot for Surrealist art – Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte in particular.

If you find yourself wondering whether you fall within the parameters of those I like to see, as long as you are easygoing and like to enjoy yourself then I’m sure we will get along well! I am bisexual so aside from my attraction to men, I am absolutely putty in a woman’s hands. The softness of a woman’s body, and how each body has its own unique curves and dips, is something I relish at the chance to examine. I also love to play with multiple people at once, I have many lovely friends that could join us.

What are you waiting for? Let's explore.