How I like to play

How I like to play

I gathered this information to hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding logistics, what items I have for us to play with and most importantly how I like to play and my limits during a play date.


You will notice I have updated some of the below sections to align with my new processes for meeting during this time.

Most importantly, I am asking for open communication before and after our date, if you are feeling unwell before or 14 days after please notify me as soon as possible, I will, of course, be doing the same in return. The same goes for if either one of us receives a notification that we have been exposed to the virus, it is important we notify each other.

As well as spacing out my dates I will also be taking extra steps in ensuring my hosting space is safe, sanitising bedding and every surface before your arrival etc. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to ask me before our date.

Please arrive on time, not 5 minutes early as it is unlikely I will be ready. If you are late, please let me know as soon as you can and understand that our date will still end at the pre-arranged time. I expect complete discretion from clients when exiting and entering the building, please keep all pleasantries until the door is closed and we are inside. When meeting for out calls you can expect the same from myself, I will arrive in smart casual clothing and change into any requested kinky outfits when I arrive. 

Your contribution is made in cash as soon as we meet, before you shower. If meeting in a public place I ask that you hand it discreetly in an unsealed envelope, book, newspaper or gift bag. Please hand your contribution over as soon as we meet so I am at ease and do not be offended if I take time to check the envelope.

You will be asked to shower and wash off all traces of the outside world at the very start of our date. If you prefer to host, I’ll do the same upon my arrival. I’ll make sure to greet you with a big hug and drink of your choice after your trip to the shower!

Your outside clothes must be left in the bathroom. You are welcome to bring a change of clean clothing from your home or wear a clean bathrobe or towel I provide to start the date in.

Bare bottom spanking, Blindfolds, Body worshipping, Bondage especially tie and tease, Breath Play, Cock and Ball Torture, Corporal punishment, Degradation & humiliation, Facesitting, Face slapping, Foot/shoe fetish, Forced masturbation, Inspections, Nipple torture, Orgasm denial and control, Prostate play and strap on sex (please prepare yourself before), Ruined orgasms, Sensation play, Taboo role plays, Tickling, Watersports (giving only) – Please request in advance so I can hydrate, Wax play

Bare bottom spanking especially OTK, Body worshipping, Bondage (at discretion), Collar and leash play, Corporal punishment, Dd/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), Degradation and humiliation, Forced masturbation, Inspections especially with CMNF (Clothed male, naked female), Orgasm denial and control, Panty gagging and ball gagging, Sub games, Taboo role plays (incest, age play etc) Watersports (giving only) & toilet training – Please request in advance so I can hydrate

Unprotected sex including giving oral without a condom, ball licking and bare genital to genital rubbing. Anal/anal play on me, rimming on you, hardsports, needle play, blood play, breath play on me, electrical play, ejaculation on me, nipple torture or torture of any body part on me, biting, scratching, spitting, hair pulling and face slapping on me. I also do not receive watersports. 

If you are unsure if I enjoy something please ask before you try it, especially if we haven’t discussed it beforehand.

I use the Traffic light system:
RED (stop everything)
YELLOW (pause for a break or change something)
GREEN (keep going)
Please let me know your preferred safe word if you have one. My colleague wrote this great piece which gives you ways to check in during scene while holding your role.

Please note if you do not stop when I have used my safe word or push continuously for a service I do not offer I will end the date immediately without a refund. You will also be blacklisted and reported. I offer safe, sane and consensual services with complete regard for safe practices and negotiated limits. I also do not tolerate drugs in my presence, nor excessive alcohol consumption.

My sexual health is very important to me, which is why I do not offer oral without a condom when giving oral on men, this includes no bare ball licking. I do offer unprotected oral on myself (at discretion) but I always have dams available if you prefer to use them.

I have a wide range of condoms, gloves and dams on hand of our play. I only use protection I have supplied so if you have a certain need do let me know in advance. Condoms are changed between oral and vaginal sex to ensure their safety.  In case you were in doubt I get a full sexual health check-up every three weeks. I suggest if you are sexually active you do so regularly, it is fast, free and anonymous in the UK.

I have an array of toys for both of our enjoyment:

  • Ball Gag
  • Collar and lead
  • Dildos: suction style and glass
  • Vibrating Wand
  • Leg spreader bar – great for displaying and inspections!
  • Numerous sensation toys
  • Ball stretcher – Parachute style
  • Strap on with a smaller and larger dildo
  • Vibrating prostate massager and butt plugs (for use on you only)
  • Blindfold (used on myself at discretion)
  • Wax for wax play
  • Nipple clamps (for use on you only)
  • Bondage equipment: rope, cuffs, tape (used on myself at discretion)
  • Cane, flogger, strap, crop, paddles (Play dates that include implements on myself may require an extra contribution so discussion is needed in advance)

Please ask me if you are wanting to play with something specific before we meet and I will make sure I have it out on display for you.

I love dressing up. Please let me know if you have any clothing requests in advance of our date.

  • Black, Red or White lingerie, suspenders, stockings, hold ups, tights and fishnets
  • Many different shoes, from stripper heels to stiletto Louboutins and even flat school shoes
  • Glamour dresses for events or the bedroom
  • Latex or leather skirt
  • Latex Bra
  • Robes/dressing gowns
  • Secretary/office wear, slutty or modest styles
  • Schoolgirl outfits, slutty or modest styles
  • ‘Little’ clothing
  • Gym/yoga clothing
  • Slutty maids outfit
  • Slutty Nuns outfit
  • Slutty cow girl outfit

If you have a specific look then send me a picture and I can try to recreate it. If I do not own the item you are more then welcome to bring it along for me to wear or send me a voucher in advance so I can purchase it.

My nipples are very sensitive, which means I do not like them being sucked, pulled or twisted hard. I much prefer to have my having my whole breast grabbed tightly and teased around my nipples without the focus being on the nipple itself.

When spanking for an extended period it is nice to have a warm up with breaks in between, grabbing and stroking my bottom. I find it much more erotic this way. I also only like spanking on my bottom, not on my genitals or thighs.

Please be respectful of my time, if our date is drawing to an end and you would like to spend more time together please ask to extend and if I am available pay the appropriate contribution at the beginning of the extended time.

I do not endorse reviews on hobbyist forums as these sites are known for taking away providers anonymity and safety. If you submit a review on such websites, I will no longer see you.

Yes, certainly. If I have seen you in the last 6 months I am happy to provide a reference to another provider you are wanting to meet. Just give me a heads up and send them my email and I will get back to them as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting you and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or requests!