Social Dates

Social Dates

Imagine me in a flowy sundress, maybe doing the typical British thing, stripping off into my swimmers at the park and coating my body in sunscreen. Okay, now that I’ve got your attention…

With the restrictions easing in the UK I am now excited to be offering outdoor social dates in London.

London is full of beautiful parks, I myself have come to appreciate this greatly during lockdown. We can find a nice spot over a lake to watch the wildlife or even have a quiet picnic – the perfect GFE.

Let’s walk along the longest river in England (not all the way!) I am sure we could stop off for a take away coffee at some point too.

There are many pubs around London that are offering take away drinks, let’s support the small business and get lockdown tipsy at the same time!

As usual deposits and screening will be required for all dates. If the weather or illness of any sort gets in the way I will happily move your deposit to another date.

In case it wasn’t clear, we will have to follow social distancing rules during these dates by keeping a distance. If you would like to meet more intimately down the track, get in touch and I will contact you once I am offering such dates.

Let's make London an outdoor city