My pleasure truly comes from giving: my words, my deeds; my hands, my mouth; my body and my mind. I will give all I have to know I have done my duty – to please you. Dedicated and eager, here I am waiting to be your good little girl. An expert at submissive gfe, ageplay and taboo roleplay, rest assured that you can fulfil your dominant fantasies with me. Whether you are my Boss, Headmaster, Daddy or the Father of my Church – I am keen to satisfy your deepest desires. Let’s explore this deviant side of life together.

Allow me to paint the picture, to get you in the mood...

Here I sit, ready and waiting for you. Should I call you Sir, Master – or Daddy? 

I am demure, my curled, red hair cascading to my breasts, and slightly exposed from one too many buttons loose on my blouse. My legs are tightly crossed in my hip-hugging skirt and I can feel the tightness of the collar around my neck, the cold metal of its chain. I can feel your breath on me as you inspect my body with your confident and assured way, slowly examining me from head-to-toe. You’re gently tugging at the chain as you circle me, and I can’t help but smile, shyly, at the pleasure it brings me. 

You instruct me to stand and bend me over your knee, skirt hiked up, to expose my perfectly round and pert bottom – unmarked. But that all changes now. You start to warm up my bottom, and your pressure increases and builds, the strikes come faster and closer together until my bottom is a glowing Scarlett red. And I feel a sense of achievement, I’ve been so good for you. Are you proud of me? Giving is a natural instinct of mine, especially for you. The more I give to you, the more I have to give. 

From slutty schoolgirl, seducing her way out of expulsion – or dutifully accepting the cane, administered by her stern headmaster – to the ambitious intern, eager to show her dominant boss just what positions she would like to interview for, I adore roleplays as a sub, with a specific emphasis on ageplay or taboo. Power dynamics is a particular kink of mine during playtime, toying with who is the dominant, or who is the seducer. I can be your innocent baby girl with a hidden slutty side, your bratty stepdaughter, or perhaps the teasing nun.

A warm up over your knee: nothing pleases me more than your best spanks on my bare bottom. I also enjoy Corporal Punishment and have all the classic implements available for this.

Roleplays (especially taboo): schoolgirl, colleague, age play, Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG), nurse, maid, nun and so many more…

Shame and embarrassment fuel erotic moments in a deviantly unique way, and I love to explore those feelings while being inspected in a submissive position. This could be during a clothed male, naked female (CMNF) scenario or during the more intimate moments. Whether this is with the use of a spreader bar, while being spanked or while I’m being teased by you. This is the caviar of foreplay to me. 

How many pennies can I hold on my body while standing still in the corner? I love to ask permission to be punished when I fail.

Playtime doesn’t have to encompass the entirety of our date while I am your submissive either. Going for brunch – or visiting one of my favourite London bars for a cocktail – and building up suspense before exploring our deepest, most taboo fantasies together, is always a lovely way to spend the day. Perhaps I’ll whisper naughty quips in your ear to try and win your favour. 

Alternatively, we could seek out the city’s culture and you can educate me as we wander the Museums, testing me on my knowledge and chalking up what rewards or punishments I will be receiving in the bedroom later. 

So, what shade of Scarlett would you like to see my bottom?