My pleasure truly comes from giving: my words and deeds, my hands and mouth, my body and mind – everything I have is here to please you.

Ready, waiting, I sit. Hair falling from my shoulders, one too many buttons loose on my blouse, legs tightly crossed in my hip-hugging skirt. The tightness of the collar around my neck, the cold metal of its chain. The feeling of your breath on me as you inspect my body, head to toe. Bending me over your knee, shirt hiked up and spanked until my bottom is glowing red. Giving is a natural instinct of mine: the more I give, the more I have…

I particularly enjoy role plays: from the slutty schoolgirl who will do anything to avoid expulsion or worse, the cane! – to the absent-minded secretary that needs to be put through her paces. As you can imagine, I have many desires and kinks, but I especially enjoy receiving over the knee spanking, humiliation, taboo role plays, clothed male naked female inspections, submissive games, corporal punishment and collar and lead play. 

So, what shade would you like to see my bottom?