If you have found yourself here you may have wondered what perfume I wear or what after-work hobbies I enjoy. Below you will find a selection of places that offer gift cards as well as some charities that are close to my heart.

I also have another wishlist on Wishtender. This wishlist discreetly takes payment via Stripe which means you do not have to purchase or bring the gift to me, I do all that.

My WishTender Wishlist
The best hand creams known to humankind and Australian made. Gift cards available
If you ever wondered how my skin is so soft, Lush is the answer! Gift cards are also available
E-Gift: Clothing and lingerie
This atelier perfectly captures the type of look we could plan for a sensual night out on the town. E-Gifts available otherwise contact me for sizing.
Luxury Lingerie with a Conscience. Gift cards available otherwise I am a size 3 across their ranges, I prefer thongs over full briefs
Animal rescue that runs a non-selective intake policy
Fighting for full decriminalisation of sex work, and creating safe spaces for sex workers
Helping to end violence against sex workers