Professional Slut

Redhead Escort London

Professional slut. That’s the term I like to use when referring to my job title.

I have always loved the word slut. I get asked by a lot by people why I decided to enter the sex industry and if I like my job. It’s a very personal question, and one I think people should avoid asking sex workers unless they bring it up themselves.

But as my one year anniversary as a professional slut has just passed, I thought I would fill you in on my experience so far.

Redhead Seductress

I have always loved sex and loved sharing my fixation for it with others, whether in conversation or in the bedroom. I have always been open to new sexual experiences and have been lucky enough to find lovers as open minded and willing to explore as I am. It makes me so happy that I can share a few hours with someone and give them the feelings I first had experiencing a kink or fantasy. I call it the post kink glow and I love leaving my clients with it!

Friends and lovers had always told me they thought I would enjoy escorting… and were they right! Escorting has given me a confidence I thought I already had; the time to travel and focus on myself; as well as the opportunity to meet some amazing gentleman and explore new kinks. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting men that, to be honest, I would never have met outside of this work and never thought would bring me so much happiness. I am eternally grateful to my clients and all my colleagues out there who have supported me this last year! It’s great to be a part of such a supportive community.