As you may of read, I am a switch. What is a switch? A switch is someone who enjoys switching between being Dominant and submissive. I personally do not have a preference for either, it depends on my mood, the person I am with and the dynamic that we share.

Now, I didn’t always call myself a switch. When I first got into kink I identified as a submissive and it wasn’t until I started my career that I had the opportunity to explore my dominant side. Very early on in my career I met some lovely gentlemen who I am ever so grateful for, as they let me explore my dominant side during our dates. It didn’t take me long to realise that I genuinely enjoy taking the lead in a scene. From the planning and selecting toys, to holding a man in my arms while he slowly floats back to reality.

Over time my skills have developed and I would describe my style of domination as very sensual and domestic (although a dungeon sounds fun). And don’t get me wrong, I can be cruel (I am quite the sadist) – within reason and consent of course. I love the feeling of a man under me, worshipping me while I use him, draining him of all his energy. I love teasing, inspecting every crevice with my gloved hands. And most of all, I love bringing men tantalisingly close to orgasm then reminding them how they are or what they are here for.

I have been told I am an attentive Domme. I am very cautious to ensure your limits are expressed well in advance, and that you feel comfortable in exploring things with me that you may not have explored before (if you are new to your submissive side). I have a lot of first hand experience as a submissive, so know how important these things are. You are in safe hands.