Dating during the Pandemic

I thought I would do an update, better late then never right?

During the last few months, I have been connecting with my lovers through virtual dating, such as video calls, phone calls and naughty sexting sessions.

My need for human interaction with others is even greater at this time, which is why I have decided to also offer outdoor social dates. I noticed a huge difference in myself once I started meeting friends while adhering to social distance rules.

I know you probably are wanting me to answer the burning question, ‘When will you be offering intimate dates?’ To be honest I am not sure when. My offerings are a reflection of the pandemic situation in London at the time and at the moment I am choosing not to meet with anyone intimately. If you would like to arrange a date for when it is safer for us to meet, I am still taking enquiries. Those I have met before or those that have provided screening will be contacted first to meet.

Although this time has been challenging, I have been very willing to adapt to the change of circumstances and try new and inventive ways of dating. In doing so, I have found myself building stronger connections with my clients.