Spanking is a form of BDSM that can be as complex or as simple as you desire it to be, and capable of being a sensory playground. On every level.

I adore the adrenaline rush I feel as I hear the distinct whoosh that comes before the monosyllabic clap, announcing an instrument’s kiss upon its target: my bare bottom. Or as the spanker, the sight of an exposed lover in front of me, ready and willing to receive their spanks is an erotically visual delight.

It’s versatile. You can mix and match how you deliver spanks through textures, and utilising different levels of strength and speed, all to keep the spankee on their toes and begging you for more. Or rather – in my case – putty in your hands. It is equally satisfying as either the snack or meal: a perfect kinky add-on to vanilla sex or a fulfilling activity for the whole session.

The care and time I take to pick my implements and organise them into a neat little line, ready for my spankee, has a ritualistic and meditative quality. At my place you’ll find an assortment for every possible mood or roleplay. From floggers and paddles to canes, crops and even a strap or two, each is a well-crafted and well-kept instrument that oozes aesthetic appeal for layered visual pleasure. But if you ask me, nothing beats the feeling of a warm, firm hand.

And there’s more than just an adrenaline rush to be had. Russian researchers have found spanking is also capable of releasing endorphins, meaning: spanking has the power to make you happier. But we all already knew that, didn’t we?

When you’re in control

Spanking can be as pleasurable to give as it is to receive, and as a switch, I relish in having the opportunity to be the spankee and the spanker.

There is little that gets me as hot under the collar as being spanked. Whether as a bratty school-girl in need of a telling off or as an obedient submissive, I’m not picky. It’s the firm-handed gentleman guiding me gently over his knee, lifting my skirt up to expose my round, firm bottom, and divulging all the reasons why I’ve found myself in this position that arouses me to no end.

A little tip: the warm-up is the perfect time to tease your spankee. You have sexual tension and anticipation on your side, as you start to prepare the bottom with your hand to build up to implement use. In between short, sharp pats across the whole surface, you can dial up the temperature by massaging, caressing and kissing your spankee’s beautiful ass. Slide your hand between their thighs to check how aroused they are, or drag your nails gently across their skin.

This is a great technique to harness as you increase intensity and start to make use of implements, especially harder ones like a crop or cane. Make sure to take some soothing breaks in between strokes with some lighter spanks, or use the opportunity to get creative with your mouth, fingers, or tracing the cool, smooth leather of a paddle across the rosy skin to create a full-bodied sensory experience.

When I’m calling the shots

I love to have a spankee draped over my knee, too. It’s hard not to revel in the eroticism of feeling someone harden when they are draped over your lap.

I like to start slowly, rubbing their bare bottom with the palm of my hand to prepare the skin to receive the impact. And a proper warm up helps to prevent breaking any skin. I don’t want you waddling home. However, I do love to leave bottoms streaked with beautiful red lines, especially during roleplays. Perhaps I will play the part of hot, unyielding Headmistress, or your rebellious secretary that secretly wears the trousers. Each time your clothes brush against the heat still radiating from your bottom, I want you to think of me and the deviant time we spent together.

Once you are well warmed-up, the tempo increases. I like to incorporate dirty talk into my roleplays and if you enjoy it, that can include humiliation. Making you beg for more strokes, making you count each spank that has been delivered. Counting down. We could even incorporate a ball gag, some restraints, or a blindfold to heighten the sensations.

Aftercare is a must. Cuddles, some pillow talk, and gentle stroking to cool down your now very sensitive bottom. And when the session is finished, I make sure to have arnica cream close by to soothe your hot skin.